Piston pins

The energy from the combustion of fuel-air-mixtures is transmitted by pistons and connecting rods to the crankshaft and thus transformed into kinetic energy. The piston pin connects the piston with the connecting rod.

Basic materials for the production of piston pins are steel wire or steel bars. They are cut and then formed in a sequence of operations. After that they are machined by turning, hardening and grinding. The finished components have a high surface quality and an accuracy of shape with a tolerance below 0.003 millimeters.

Piston pins that are exposed to extreme stress, caused by high revolutions and combustion pressures, have an extremely fine machined surface and are coated with an additional ultra hard DLC layer.

This coating prevents excessive wear and ensures the long lifetime of the engines of our premium customers.

Piston pins for diesel engines
Piston pins for Otto engines
Piston pins with DLC coating
for diesel engines
Piston pins with DLC coating
for Otto engines