UKM technologies is a technology company with its own production line. We are one of the few medium-sized enterprises, which can offer all the essential manufacturing techniques under one roof, which include forming, heat treatment and hard machining. Additionally, we ensure compliance with specific cleanliness requirements for your product and secure a single piece traceability of our products.

We support our clients in the design and development phase in finding solutions, choosing suitable materials and manufacturing techniques. We offer technical evaluation of production problems to find solution strategies ranging from prototype to large-scale production.


Global climate change and resource scarcity are major challenges for the manufacturing industry. Mastering these challenges, requires us to rely on fuel consumption reduction measures to increase the efficiency of combustion engines, reducing vehicle weight and developing alternative drive concepts. UKM optimizes existing products and develops new innovative solutions so that our customers can reduce fuel consumption and thus achieve their goal of cutting CO2 emissions.

Our employees are the backbone of our economic success. How they positively identify with UKM, can be seen in the fact that they choose to stay with us in long term job tenures of over 5 years. This longstanding loyalty and commitment are the foundation of our company’s success.


Protecting the environment is an integral part of our corporate policy. Economics and ecology awareness are the basis for sustainable added value at UKM. In our production, we want to continuously reduce energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste, while raising the utilization rate of production waste. In the face of scarcer resources, the goal is to develop products and solutions which use less energy and conserve our natural resources – both during production and when our products are used.

Continual improvement

Our customer´s specific requirements regarding products and processes constantly increase. Developing sustainably safe products and processes is the prerequisite for meeting these requirements. Quality standards are an integral part of our corporate policy. Our quality management system is in accordance with ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards, comprises all activities relevant to quality, and is expected of all employees.

The framework of our lean management philosophy is maximizing value for the customer, eliminating waste, improving product quality, and developing greater teamwork among all employees. This is the cornerstone of our competitiveness.

Occupational safety and health protection

Health and safety of our employees and all persons who are a part of our business activities are essential for us. We ensure safe working conditions for our employees, in order to protect them from health threats. Among other things, we do this through regular risk assessments and implementation of needed improvements. Our leaders are responsible for the achievement of these health, safety, and environmental goals. They diligently face this task daily with great care.
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